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Trinity Collection

The trinity collection is carefully curated to Celebrate the 3 important milestone in a woman’s life. The Birth – A privilege to be a girl child. The marriage – Being loved and beginning a new journey to bliss & Motherhood – A rebirth of a kind for the woman and re-living your childhood & entering a new era in your life.

Stretchable Collection

VSK has always believed in rediscovering the wheel. In the Spendid Stretchables collection, We have taken up the challenge of innovating the traditional Diamond bangle and give it a new meaning. The innovative heirloom Bangles are stretchable, easily wearable on multiple hand sizes and keeps the family ethos of the jewels being transgenerational.

Dancing Diamonds

Exquisite in design and brilliance, this pendant comes to us from the Dancing Diamonds Collection.
A Dancing Diamond Pendant represents exquisite craftsmanship, unparalleled uniqueness and brilliance. It is engineered to keep the diamond constantly in motion to the rhythm of your heartbeat.